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Lady  Cels Cosplay
Cori LS

She-Ra - Photo by AmiePhotos

Cosplayer - Maker - Fabricator - Educator


I'm a Maryland-based cosplayer/costumer who has a passion for teaching. I'm an accomplished maker who creates my own costumes from scratch. Over the years, I've earned several awards for my work and also judge contests around the east coast of the US. Today, I travel to various cons as a guest, panelist, and educator.

I hold a B.F.A. in Technical Theater and Costume Design as well as a M.A. in Pupptery (with a high focus on Fabrication). I've taught for over a decade for both higher education and for K-12 students.

My specialties include sewing, sculpture, embroidery, fabric painting, foam fabrication, thermal plastics, wood carving, 3d printing/modeling, leather, painting, and prop work. I am highly detail-oriented, but always striving to add new abilities to my repertoire. 

I am a disabled cosplayer/professional, and am outspoken in my support for my communities. I always strive to make this hobby accessible for everyone!

Upcoming Conventions:
AwesomeCon 2023

Tekko 2023

Interested in having me at your event?
Head over to the Appearances page for a full listing of services offered!

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