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She-Ra - Photography by Amiephotos

Photography by amiephotos

Convention Services

Judging Cosplay Contests:

As a professional in my field, I can bring all my knowledge to your costume contest! I specialize in judging craftsmanship competitions, having won several myself. I also strive to bring the best and most accessible experience to participants as well as put on a successful show.


Past events I've judged: Anime Boston (8+ years), FanExpo Cleveland,  Drawncon, ConnectiCon

Panels and Workshops:

Having worked full time as an educator for the past 8 years, I can offer a wide range of panels for
all levels of skill groups. I've taught as young as kindergarten all the way up to college and
graduate level courses. I can bring my expertise to your event and offer a wide variety of panels and workshops (See below for most current offerings).

Recent Previous Appearances:

DragonCon, GA 2022 (Educator)
Anime Boston, MA 2022 (Masquerade Judge)

FanExpo Cleveland, OH 2022 (Guest and Judge)

FanExpo Boston, MA 2021 (Guest)


Instagram: 8.1Followers - 318k reach
Facebook: 2.6k+ Followers- 12k reach

Twitter: 880+ Followers
TikTok: 700+ Followers
Tumblr: 1.3k+ Followers


Famoré Cutlery
Workshop Facilitator - MakeCo Campus
Mid Atlantic Puppetry Guild


Best in Show, Anime Boston
Best Craftsmanship, Best Prop - ConnectiCon
Best Masters Craftsmanship - Katsucon 
Best Masters Craftsmanship - Otakon
Best in Show, Fan favorite - Covinator Event

2nd Place Masters - Arda Summer Showcase
2nd Place - Summer Series Nerd Caliber Cosplay Qualifier
2nd Place Masters - Nekocon,
2nd Place Masters - DerpyCon


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Photography by hailthenaninator 


Photography by Bryant Cox Photography

Teaching and Panels

  • Intro to Sewing

  • Intro to Basic Hand Sewing

  • Advanced Hand Stitching

  • Intro to Hand Embroidery

  • Getting started with a Sewing Machine

  • Basic Seams and Seam Finishes

  • Dyework and Fabric Painting

  • Basics of Drafting for Sewing

  • Shaping Fabric: Interface, Darts, Gathers and Pleats

  • How to close your garment: From Zippers to Snaps and everything in between

  • Finishing your garment: Hems, Facings, Waistbands, and Linings

  • How to Read, Modify, and Assemble Patterns.

  • The last 10%: How to finish your cosplay

  • Intro to Leather working

  • Intro to Foam Armor

  • Drafting Foam Armor

  • Foam Props

  • Intro to Thermoplastics

  • Intro to 3D Printing

  • Setting up a 3D Printer

  • Modeling with TinkerCAD

  • Modeling with Blender

  • Organic 3D Modeling with Sculptris

  • Resin/SLA Printing

  • Intro to Vectors for Laser-cutting

  • Intro to Wearable Electronics

  • Basic Electronics for Creatives

  • MakeCode for Cosplay

  • Intro to Scratch Programming

  • Advanced Foam Armor Techniques

  • Pepakura and Papercraft

  • Armor Strapping

  • Accessible Cosplay Makeup

And many more! I'm always happy to work with events to create custom panels and workshops tailored to their audience.


  • Cosplay

  • Craftsmanship

  • Sewing

  • Foam Armor

  • 3D Printing

  • Digital Fabrication

  • Coding and Wearables

  • Queer Representation

  • Plus Sized Cosplay

  • Disability and Cosplay

  • Adaptable Costumes

Available to speak on the following panel topics for groups:

Panel Listing

Upcoming Appearances

Katsucon 2023

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