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She-Ra - Photography by Amiephotos

Photography by amiephotos

Convention Services

Judging Cosplay Contests:

As a professional in my field, I can bring all my knowledge to your costume contest! I specialize in judging craftsmanship competitions, having won several myself. I also strive to bring the best and most accessible experience to participants as well as put on a successful show.


Past events I've judged: Anime Boston (8+ years), FanExpo Cleveland,  Drawncon, ConnectiCon

Panels and Workshops:

Having worked full time as an educator for the past 8 years, I can offer a wide range of panels for
all levels of skill groups. I've taught as young as kindergarten all the way up to college and
graduate level courses. I can bring my expertise to your event and offer a wide variety of panels and workshops (See below for most current offerings).

Recent Previous Appearances:

AwesomeCon, DC 2023 (Guest and Judge)
nime Boston, MA 2023 (Guest and Judge)

Katsucon, MD 2023 (Guest presenter)

DragonCon, GA 2022 (Educator)
Anime Boston, MA 2022 (Masquerade Judge)

FanExpo Cleveland, OH 2022 (Guest and Judge)

FanExpo Boston, MA 2021 (Guest)

Popcult Anime Con, Ma 2016 (Guest)

YourMiniCon, CT, 2015 (Guest)

DrawnCon, MA 2014 (Guest)


Instagram: 13.3k+ Followers -400k+ reach
Facebook: 2.6k+ Followers- 12k reach

Twitter: 890+ Followers
TikTok: 950+ Followers
Tumblr: 1.3k+ Followers


Famoré Cutlery
Workshop Facilitator - MakeCo Campus
Mid Atlantic Puppetry Guild


Best in Show, Anime Boston
Best Craftsmanship, Best Prop - ConnectiCo
Best Masters Craftsmanship - Katsucon 
Best Masters Craftsmanship - Otakon
Best in Show, Fan favorite - Covinator Event

2nd Place Masters - Arda Summer Showcase
2nd Place - Summer Series Nerd Caliber Cosplay Qualifier
2nd Place Masters - Nekocon,
2nd Place Masters - DerpyCon


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Photography by hailthenaninator 


Photography by Bryant Cox Photography

Teaching and Panels

  • Intro to Sewing

  • Intro to Basic Hand Sewing

  • Advanced Hand Stitching

  • Intro to Hand Embroidery

  • Getting started with a Sewing Machine

  • Basic Seams and Seam Finishes

  • Dyework and Fabric Painting

  • Basics of Drafting for Sewing

  • Shaping Fabric: Interface, Darts, Gathers and Pleats

  • How to close your garment: From Zippers to Snaps and everything in between

  • Finishing your garment: Hems, Facings, Waistbands, and Linings

  • How to Read, Modify, and Assemble Patterns.

  • The last 10%: How to finish your cosplay

  • Intro to Leather working

  • Intro to Foam Armor

  • Drafting Foam Armor

  • Foam Props

  • Intro to Thermoplastics

  • Intro to 3D Printing

  • Setting up a 3D Printer

  • Modeling with TinkerCAD

  • Modeling with Blender

  • Organic 3D Modeling with Sculptris

  • Resin/SLA Printing

  • Intro to Vectors for Laser-cutting

  • Intro to Wearable Electronics

  • Basic Electronics for Creatives

  • MakeCode for Cosplay

  • Intro to Scratch Programming

  • Advanced Foam Armor Techniques

  • Pepakura and Papercraft

  • Armor Strapping

  • Accessible Cosplay Makeup

And many more! I'm always happy to work with events to create custom panels and workshops tailored to their audience.


  • Cosplay

  • Craftsmanship

  • Sewing

  • Foam Armor

  • 3D Printing

  • Digital Fabrication

  • Coding and Wearables

  • Queer Representation

  • Plus Sized Cosplay

  • Disability and Cosplay

  • Adaptable Costumes

Available to speak on the following panel topics for groups:

Panel Listing

Upcoming Appearances

Tekko 2023

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