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Sewing Equipments

Cori 'Lady Cels' Leyden-Sussler

Craftsmanship Cosplayer


Started Cosplaying in 2003

Disabled, Queer, Plus Sized
Master Level Award Winning Craftsmanship Cosplayer
Craftsmanship Judge/Panelist/Guest

Full Time Educator, Teaching for 10+ years

BFA - Technical Theatre/Costume Design (Uconn)

MA - Puppetry/Fabrication (Uconn)

A Bit About Me

I'm a Maryland-based cosplayer and costumer who has a passion for teaching. I'm an accomplished maker who creates my own costumes from scratch.


I hold a B.F.A. in Technical Theater and Costume Design as well as a M.A. in Pupptery (with a high focus on Fabrication). I've taught for over a decade for both higher education and for K-12 students.


I work frequently as a panelist, teacher, and cosplay judge at several conventions on the east coast. I am also a disabled ND professional who advises and coaches others with my disability. I strive to help create accessibility as well as acceptance within the cosplay community.

If you are interested in having me at your convention, please shoot me a message.

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